It's Time to rEBEL against the 9-5 system!

Let's uncover, strengthen, and use the skills you ALREADY have
to work on YOUR TERMS...

Parents are busy. 

We are working, caring for our kids, running our households, chauffering, and doing  

 We never have time for ourselves. 

We are RUNNING AROUND, managing chaos instead of living life.

But we never question how we can do things differently.

We miss out on precious time with our kids, our spouses, our parents, our friends - and we just accept it because that's what we are told is normal...


What if you could...

Work smarter - not harder, and accomplish more in less time so you have more time with your precious family.

Find clarity and end overwhelm with step-by-step plans to launch your business.

Take decisive action to change your life so you can finally work around your life instead of scheduling your life around work.

Confidently step into your best life by accessing all the tools and support you need to be a successful business owner.

Start Your Journey with OUR Support!

Introducing our comprehensive program:

Your step-by-step roadmap to creating the freedom your soul craves in a business uniquely tailored to you.

Tara is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been freelancing as a transcriptionist for over 20 years.
You could spend months or years learning how to launch your freelance business (like we did), getting stumped by…
  • What service to offer...
  • ​How to set your business up the right way...
  • Where to find clients...
  • ​How much to charge...
  • What templates and contracts you need...
  • ​How to market without having to sell...

But you don't have time to waste!

Nicole is a homeschooling mom of 2 who has been freelancing as a self-taught graphic designer for more than 3 years.

Real Life Successes...

Brittany Dowler

Shulamit Martens

We have already…

*  Quit our 9 - 5 jobs (and ditched the micromanaging bosses)...

*  Created our own stable and consistent income streams...

*  Enjoyed the freedom that comes with being in charge of our own schedules...

* Taken care of our sick kids, our own mental and physical health, and the people we love WITHOUT begging for time off...

NOW our mission is to empower YOU!

We want you to experience the life-altering power of freelancing.

  • ​We’ve cheered on and supported working moms as they quit their day jobs to stay with their babies. 
  • ​We’ve equipped countless others to escape a toxic work environment to create their own dream life.
  • We’ve enabled stay-at-home moms to honor the calling of motherhood while they contribute to their household income.

No matter what you’ve been doing, we help you to discover your marketable skills and monetize them as your fastest path to cash.

Still Not 100% Sure?

Here are a few more...

Paula Poblete

Carrie Schraeder

Emily Oldham

Jessica Welch

Rebecca Miller

Nicole Sperling

With Freedom Accelerator, it is common to experience an immediate boost in confidence, a major shift in belief, and the momentum to become a wildly successful freelancer...which ultimately leads to unlimited freedom, loving Mondays, and the flexible schedule you’ve always dreamed about.

Freedom Accelerator Is Designed Specifically To Help With …

  • ✔️ MAXIMIZING YOUR SUCCESS by sequentially outlining each step to maximize your success to prevent analysis paralysis and confidently lead you to a successful career of your own choosing.

    ✔️ DEFINING who you want to serve and why so that you can live with purpose each and every day.

    ✔️ GAINING CLARITY for how to monetize your skills, talents, and passions so that you can love what you do, feel fulfilled every single day, and not hate your job!

    ✔️ ​MINIMIZING OVERWHELM so that you can focus on each bite-sized piece instead of the getting too far ahead of yourself!

    ✔️ CONQUERING YOUR FEARS and pushing past whatever is holding you back so you can live a lifestyle you never knew was possible!


Are You Ready To Change Your Life Forever?!

"I have very much enjoyed your program... You showed how to navigate life's trials and still are able to keep your business going. Basically: living the freelance life.

You have taught by example."

- Coleen G.

"I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on other programs, but Tara has brought me clarity, & helped me move forward when those other programs fell short.

"Brilliant, full of know-how, and über-helpful, Tara is fully invested and wants to see others succeed."

- Pat F.

Here’s How Freedom Accelerator Works…
Work On Your
Launching a business is not a game of luck or chance...

There are just a few key components every business must have, and a few key questions you must answer.

Schedule a Strategy Call with Tara and Nicole
After your strategy call, you should be well on your way to launching your new business. 

Because of our comprehensive no-nonsense approach, this program is designed to take all the guesswork out of launching a freelance business.  

Launch Your Business!

Most of the overwhelm with freelancing comes from the process of starting. This program walks you through everything you need to know to get started and to move forward quickly and easily.

It's. That. Simple.

People tend to want to make it more complicated than it is, and we help you de-complicate the process even more. 

The result?

A successful launch into freelancing.

...and once you've mastered that, you’ll have the ability to gain as many clients as you want, when you want, on demand.   
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Disclaimer:  Freedom Accelerator is an educational product offered by Laptop Life Accelerator, LLC. 
Results are not guaranteed, however they are possible.
Your success is 100% entirely based on you.