You already have the skills you need to take back your life. 
Are you ready to let us prove it?

We feel you...

 You're constantly on the go, putting out all the fires, managing the chaos with a smile like a boss...
 And silently crumbling on the inside.

 You can't even catch your breath.

You're working your life away for somebody else, building their empire, and making their dreams come true.

And you're missing out on time with your kids that you will never get back. 


Because society has trained you all the way from pre-k to be a "worker" and not a thinker.

And Now...It's Time For a Change!


 Uncover your superpower: Only 100% of people have one, and we know how to find them. 
Will you let us?

Create your freedom: Work when you want, where you want, on what you want, for who you want, as much or as little AS YOU WANT.

Build your dreams: even if you've kept them hidden from the world. Your time is now! Are you ready?

Change the course of your family's life, if you're willing to put in the work and do hard things.


Hands-on support, every step of the way.

The step-by-step path to the freedom you crave in your soul.
Build the business where YOU make the rules for once.

Tara is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been freelancing as a transcriptionist for over 20 years.
You could waste years trying to figure out:
  • ​What systems make it easy
  • ​How to price your services
  • Which documents you need
  • ​How to attract your perfect clients to you
  • ​Which skills will make money

Or you could follow our simple process, at your own pace, with our support.

Nicole is a homeschooling mom of 2 who has been freelancing as a self-taught graphic designer for more than 5 years.


Brittany Dowler

Shulamit Martens

We lived the pain, and then

*  We rose to the challenge and replaced our full-time income by selling our skills, not our time.

*  We created stable and consistent income streams, from our skills and passions.

*  We built our businesses around our crazy lives.

* We never lost sight of our "why."

And now our mission is YOU!

What would it mean for your family, if you could:

  • ​Quit your day job, and never miss a moment again 
  • ​Create your dream life and make your own rules
  •  Raise your kids to to be thinkers and not "workers"

There's a superpower in you, and we WILL find it if YOU will let us.


Here are a few more students:

Paula Poblete

Carrie Schraeder

Emily Oldham

Jessica Welch

Rebecca Miller

Nicole Sperling

FREEDOM ACCELERATOR members often report a boost in confidence, a major shift in belief, and families who think they've lost their minds because they love to work. 

This is widely reported to be shortly followed by ultimate freedom, loving Mondays, and a balanced life.

Only proceed if you really have what it takes. 

"I have very much enjoyed your program... You showed how to navigate life's trials and still are able to keep your business going. Basically: living the freelance life.

You have taught by example."

- Coleen G.

"I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on other programs, but Tara has brought me clarity, & helped me move forward when those other programs fell short.

"Brilliant, full of know-how, and über-helpful, Tara is fully invested and wants to see others succeed."

- Pat F.

Here’s How Freedom Accelerator Works…
Work On Your
Launching a business is not a game of luck or chance...

There are just a few key components every business must have, and a few key questions you must answer.

Schedule a Strategy Call with Tara and Nicole
After your strategy call, you should be well on your way to launching your new business. 

Because of our comprehensive no-nonsense approach, this program is designed to take all the guesswork out of launching a freelance business.  


Most of the overwhelm with freelancing comes from the process of starting. This program walks you through everything you need to know to get started and to move forward quickly and easily.

It's. That. Simple.

We're all guilty of over-complicating things. Your path to freedom doesn't have to be one of them.

Let us guide you through the foundational steps of your online business, and make your launch successful. 

...and once you've mastered that, you’ll have the ability to gain as many clients as you want, when you want, on demand.   

Everything You Will Get Inside of Freedom Accelerator:

Build Your Business with Freedom in Mind.

Learn the Strategies to Build Your Business as a Business, Not as a Job You Own for Maximum Freedom, Flexibility, and
Financial Stability.

Every Business Works, But Not For Everybody.

Analyze Your Hard and Soft Skills, Your Talents, Passions, Interests, Hobbies, and, Most Importantly, Your Personality to Find the PERFECT Business for YOU!

Did You Know That You Sell More on Resumes and in Job Interviews Than You Do As a Freelancer? 

Learn Our Strategies to Build a Business That ATTRACTS Clients!

Maximize Your Earning Potential With
These Smart Business Strategies!

No More Hourly Pay!

Best Results Happen with Mentorship!

This Isn't JUST a course.  This is a coaching program where you build your business with our help and guidance! 

It's Not WHAT You Know, It's WHO You Know!

Creating a Network of Other Business Owners on the Same Path As You is Key to Your Success.


Script Vault

Exclusive access to the email scripts, client communication scripts, and our proven potential client response method.

Template Vault

Get full access to our proposal, portfolio, & work agreement templates.

Client Onboarding System

Instant access to our Trello Board which outlines our step-by-step process to onboard new clients.
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Disclaimer:  Freedom Accelerator is an educational product offered by Laptop Life Accelerator, LLC. 
Results are not guaranteed, however they are possible.
Your success is 100% entirely based on you.